Jacob is awesome..Also, playing with GIFs.

So, I’m allergic to cats. Not like *dies*

but enough that it’s uncomfortable and my eyes get itchy.

So the cat jumps up on my bed and I go “No, bad kitty! Go away!” And it just looks at me like “Does that mean you love me and want me closer to you?” And gets even closer, accordingly. So I’m sitting here like “don’t touch me”.


Jacob, from a little ways away, says “just throw something at it”. 

So I kinda kick my foot near it, not wanting to actually touch it in case my eyes start burning out of my skull, something that had already started a little bit. 

But then, out of nowhere, I hear a “THWACK” and the cat scurries off.

Jacob had chucked his phone at it… and hit it in the head…from like… 10 feet away.


I have an awesome best friend.


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